Monday, February 21, 2011

Earth Co.

The current society we live in depends on civilian consumers. Without us, not a single gear would turn. The majority of society does not realize the amount of influence it can have on the world. If we can get people to only wake up and open their eyes to what is truly happening around them, this place will be much easier to live in.

One way to open the eyes of the people is to show them directly what is deemed important by those "higher than us". Driving a nice car, having a massive house, going to slave away to a company you loathe - none of those are required to survive naturally.

People wonder why we are so stressed and disease ridden and awful - it is because of the society we live in. Without the corrupt monetary system we have today, there would be no stress, therefore no disease and decay. If we did not need to fight to survive, we would not have such a hostile existence on this planet.

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